Hetalia Steampunk Roleplay~~~ [joinjoinjoinjoin]

The sky was once ruled by pirates, grand ships sailing the
winds to plunder whatever they came upon. Towns or
merchants, it made no odds. They were true terrors, but with
the fear came a grudging respect from their advisories as they
held their head high, time after time. For there was a fine balance,
the people they stole usually managed to continue on. In the
end though this all came to an end, all balances eventually being
overthrown into chaos.

From then on three factions were spanned, each of them trying
so desperately to cut down the other two. The world became the
playing board for their constant power struggles, and indeed it
still is.

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Dango Daikazoku -off vocal ver- ~Chata
Danmark Man Dark ~Nephew

Da dam da da da dam dam
Da dam da da da dam dam
Da dam da da da dam Danmark
Da dam da da da dam dam

Vi Är Dom Tuffaste ~Nanne Grönvall

Vi Är Dom Tuffaste, dom starkaste, dom grymmaste, dom vackraste
Vi är gänget gjorda av stål
Vi Är Dom Tuffaste, dom starkaste, dom grymmaste, dom vackraste
Nu öser vi in mål

Suomirokkia ~Aknestik

Suomirokkia kirkonkylällä
Suomirokkia iltapäivällä
Suomirokkia suurella tunteella
Suomirokkia painiotteella

Alt for Norge ~Drillos

Norge er et vakkert land
Med fjell og daler
Hav og strand
Men våre vintrer kan bli kalde
Grønne slør og nakne trær
Varsler at en tid er nær
Som byr på spenning for oss alle

Eyjan Greaena ~Bubbi Morthens

{{I can't find lyrics for it sorry >A<;;;}}


Sweden's Side
Tuu mun vaimoksein ~Olavi Uusivirta

Olen minä sua kattellut niin
kirkkotietä kun astellut oot
yksinäs allapäin
Sinut sulkenut siunauksiin
että Luojamme varjelis
sun elämääs etteenpäin

Finland's Side
Genom Eld Och Vatten ~Sarek

Jag ska följa dig genom eld och vatten
Över land och hav
Jag ska älska dig tills hjärtat slutar slå
Från det högsta berg till den djupaste av dalar ska jag gå
Genom tid och rum ja alla mina dagar ska du få



Denmark's Side
Fairytale ~Alexander Rybak

I'm in love with a fairytale even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind I'm already cursed

Norway's Side
If It Kills Me ~Jason Mraz

Hello, tell me you know
Yeah, you figured me out
Something gave it away
And it would be such a beautiful moment
To see the look on your face
To know that I know that you know now
General pairing song:
Håll om mig nu ~Nanne Grönvall

Så håll om mig
Släpp inte taget om mig
Är som förhäxad av dig
Och jag vill ha dig
Kom och håll om mig nu

500 miles ~Proclaimers

When I wake up yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you
When I go out yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you

Auf Kurs ~OOMPH!

Ich weiß genau wo kein Mensch jemals war
bin ich dir nah
bin ich dir nah
I'm on a Boat ~The Lonely Island (ft. T-Pain)

I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
Everybody look at me 'cause I'm sailing on a boat (sailing on a boat)
I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
I'm on a boat
Take a good hard look at the motherfucking boat (boat, yeah)

The Puppy song

I want a puppy, I want a dog
I want a puppy dog, not a stupid frog
I want a puppy dog, I want a puppy dog
And I want you to be that dog

When they were under Denmark:

Norwegian love song ~Leaves' Eyes

I climbed mountains so high
I descovered the deep
Long to be long to be part of this dream
This is where my heart beats
Ocean's Way ~Leaves' Eyes

Ah should I fear you
Are you caught in anger
Gods cannot control you
Winds make you go higher

Viking's Words ~Leaves' Eyes

Faraway landscapes receive him with grace
In bright beauty and wonders
We find truth of me
I gave a Viking's word
Gag songs:

Beer Song ~Psychostick

Beer is good
Beer is good
Beer is good
Let's go drink some BEER

Stalker Song ~Tripod

Is it OK if I stalk you?
I just want to make sure you're OK,
And behaving while I am away.
Is it OK if I stalk you?
Don't mind me I won't get in the way,
And although I'll see you everyday,
You won't see me.

Finland ~Monty Python

Finland, Finland, Finland.
The country where I want to be,
Pony trekking or camping,
Or just watching TV.
Finland, Finland, Finland,
It's the country for me.

Link song ~System of the down

Now Link, fill up your hearts
So you can shoot your sword with power
And when you're feeling all down
The fairy will come around
So you'll be brave, and not a sissy coward

Ice Ice Iceland ~S-Harks

Alright stop!  You can’t fuck with this nation
Just because of minor raging inflation
It’s crap saying we are broke

Meet me Stockholm 

Meet me in Stockholm baby we’ll mess around
Take a real slow boat to Helsinki town
When it’s over you’ll want to stay
and live life the Scandinavian way.


Shameless Advertising

ffff you can only be one character from a specific fandom~ oAo
Guess I'll be vonKarma, Belmonde, and Norge~ ovo;;
ohgodwhathaveIdonetodigthisgraveformyself >v<;;

I-I doubt anyone reads Belmonde le VisiteuR but if by some miracle they do, anyone wanna be my Roland? ;v;''
I can't be Belmonde with out someone to mind fuck~

So far I've decided on playing Feliciano, Norge, and Belmonde but I can't decide if I want to be Franziska von Karma or not~ orz I might save her for another round because 2 attention whore characters seem like a bit much for me already~ X'D;;

[ Mafia. Gather around, draw cards or roll dice for roles, try to guess which of your friends are stabbing you in the back. Maybe it's even you doing the stabbing. Who knows? But hey, listen to this. How about we kick it up a notch? Instead of just pretending, why not play for real? How? Easy. Grab a nice big house, take a nice long vacation from work, get some people willing to play with you, and presto, you've got a game. Of course, you might want to write up your will before you play. Because who knows what will happen, right? But think about it, it'll be fun... ]

[ traditori is a multifandom roleplaying game, based on the real-world game mafia. The game runs in rounds, meaning that it has a definite beginning and end. Once one round begins, applications close until the next round, when a whole new set of characters can apply and play. traditori is fast-paced, and rounds tend to be short, though this depends on the characters in each round and a bit of luck.

We are currently about to begin our sixth round and welcome new players. We only ask that people be prepared to make a commitment to being active in the game, because without our players, the game cannot go on!

Round 6 begins in early to mid February (more on that as we get closer!)! Get your applications in!

[ mafia rules | traditori variant | special roles ]
[ house | faq ]
[ reserves | apply | taken ]


Someone. Pleaaaseee. Anyone at this point.
Please please please kidnap me for New Years.
My mom's fiance is coming over and I do not want to be here.

I still have to go to wegmans to get the stuff for the meetup on the 2nd and I should start on the rough draft of my research paper seeing as how it's due right after break. orz
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One more week~~~ ;c;''
I finally finished my cosplay yesterday so all I have to do now is horde money for my budget~ =v=
So far I have 80 dollars~ > v<)b

Who's going to AUSA, by the way? O:
Knowing Erin, we'll probably split up after the line so I need some one to hang out with~ ;v;''

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I got my first assignment in one of the four secret santas I signed up for~ >v<
And the person I got said they'd like a comic strip so this will require oekaki or photoshop~ ovo;;
*flies off to iscribble*


-this is pretty much me ranting-

Second day home alone~ orz
I feel so lonely~ X'DD

*goes to order pizza*

I'ma be so busy with drawing today~ ovo;;
I have a bunch of steampunk hetalia stuff that's leaking out my brain and the only way to make it better it to draw them all~ =`v=)b
Ideas so far=
~Iggy leaning on a steam punk Dalek
~Natashya chasing Ivan on a plane yelling Marry me
~Feli and Lovi on steampunk cycles
~pirate!Iggy on that one boat from Treasure Planet~

And I still have to do the AEDM for today~ XD
That'll be first~ =v=
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My cold passed over quicker than I thought it would~ XD
Last time I had one it lasted three days and this one was barely one~ >v<
I guess that was just my way of learning never to sleep with the window open and a fan on high~ ovo;;

Oh and for my Hetalia day stuff: http://princesscallie.deviantart.com/journal/27963957/#comments
I'm too lazy to post it all here~ =v=;;

I guess that's it~ ovo;)/
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Double poooost~

EditEdit: It's pretty safe to say that we can still meet up at the monument~ c:
It looks like it rained over night down here but it's calm now~

Completly copied from the other entry because I'm a lazy bastard~ >v>;;

Bad news for everyone coming~! D;
Everywhere I've checked for forecasts says tomorrow's going to rain.
There might be the chance it's wrong but just incase bring an umbrella~

If it's downpouring tomorrow when I wake up, however, I'll have to change location of the meetup point from the Washington monument to the outside the Air and Space Museum. {that way anyone who has a wig is covered~ <v<;;}
It might be a bit harder meeting up in there so if anyone needs my cellphone number or something, e-mail me. c:
I'll update this entry tomorrow morning by at least 10am so keep an eye on this~ ovo;;

-it'd be very safe to assume to either bring money or be very sneaky bringing your own lunch into the museum if we go in there-

How many people are definites by the way? O:
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